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"I've been looking for quality information beyond price quotes and brochures and yours is the first I've found that breaks it down nicely. THANK YOU.
Tim H.

Over 65 travel insurance.

International Travel Insurance
Dependable Coverage for U.S. Medicare Seniors

Here is the dependable worldwide protection over-65 U.S. travelers want & need.

4 Key Features... travel health insurance Sample Provisions of
Our Fully Regulated
Travel Insurance Choices
Sample Provisions
Travel Insurance
1. Insurance company... fully regulated in your State* Senior Travel Insurance X
2. Pre-existing conditions... covered to policy limit** Travel Insurance for over 65's X
3. Medical evacuation... includes back to home country Age Concern travel Insurance X
4. Cashless access... to profiled physicians and hospitals in most countries. Over 65 travel insurance X
*Plans not available in all states. **Pre-existing condition coverage subject to having current primary medical coverage in the USA, such as Medicare. See plan literature for all details.

Travel plans by GeoBlue®, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association.

Select Your Travel Insurance Need

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Travel Insurance for Seniors
Ideal for Medicare seniors traveling abroad. Fully-regulated. (not available in all states.) Medical evacuation.
  Travel GeoBlue
Coverage for Multiple Trips abroad -- up to 70 days maximum -- during a one-year Policy Period.
  Covers non-reimbursable expenses if you are unable to take or complete your trip.
● Full Comparison Service
Travel insurance for over 65's, why we're better.


We demand the highest insurance standards on behalf of our clients. For reliability and peace-of-mind, you will only find regulated "USA-Style" travel insurance choices here.

Buy Smart Tips ... 3 tips for "age-concern" travel insurance shoppers.

This is your best place for international travel insurance...

  1. We specialize in dependable coverage from USA-regulated insurance companies only.
  2. We don't just "recommend," we also explain "why" in clear language you will understand.

Added bonus; here you will find a collection of travel insurance tips and information especially geared towards the over 65 traveler (see Senior Travel Articles Index).

We appreciate your business.

Senior Travel Insurance, ideal for Over 65 Travel Insurance needs.

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